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When The Sheeple Are Rounded Up

O when the sheeple are rounded up

And heading for club FEMA and stuck,

Then you will know that you are a number

When the sheeple are rounded up.

There is a mark to buy and sell

Accept this chip from the pits of hell,

And you will be forever separated

When the sheeple are rounded up.

You may deny this truth for now

But if you are in the line somehow,

A chip or a guillotine is now waiting

When the sheeple are rounded up.

Oh you will see the man of sin

He will demand your life and then,

You’ll truly know that he hates God’s children’

When the sheeple are rounded up.

Will you now change your life, repent?

And accept the Son that the Father sent?

Do not be here when de facto is this vision

When the sheeple are rounded up!

Written by Gary Cox 9/21/2019. To God be the glory!

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