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A Moment In Time

We are all so busy in the business of just living here

We can get dizzy in the spinning of this blue sphere,

Many are the paradigms and the theories about life

If you listen to the news at all, there is endless strife.

Will this age ever end and will there be a culmination?

On the stage of drama, there is a climax to the situation,

Some have described this as a shifting and our star gate

I believe it will be a sifting of those who love and who hate.

Imagine humanity with no conscience and with no restraint

The finality of all violence committed without complaint,

Do you want to still be here if what I describe is thus true?

If not, listen carefully to these humble words I say to you.

Live your life in such a way to be found worthy to escape

Not putting your trust in a superman flying with a red cape,

I do not know when or the how, but believe that this is so

Do not be left behind to see the time just after the Harpazo.

Call to Jesus, whose blood frees us from the penalty of sin

Give it all to Jesus, who will recreate the world once again…

Written by Gary Cox 05/21/ God be the glory

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