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Forced Measures

Forced relocations and forced measures throughout the ages Constitute our anthropology and live on in the history pages, For the ignorant few who believe force will conquer our fears What words have you for those who walked the Trail of Tears?

Forcing an untested, unproven and potentially deadly vaccine Would enact another genocide in a diabolical manner, obscene, Why is there such a rush to silence the questions and inquiries? When we have been unable to isolate or quantify this disease.

Shall we ask those who wore the Star of David about their fate? How many more Auschwitz’ will soon live out of a dreadful hate? The enemy’s playbook is nothing else, but a predictable scam Enacted by megalomaniacs as pure politics and a partisan plan.

I attempt to shed some light and appeal to the soul of a nation Can we not take more time to better understand this situation? If it has been the doctrine of freedom with my body, my choice Why are so many being silenced when trying to use their voice?

Think about it…

written by Gary Cox 09/07/ God be the glory

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