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One Man And One Guitar

Back in his day, there were no computers or auto tuners

There were musicians, songwriters, artists and crooners,

There were no music videos only letters on the dial, NBC

If you desired to hear his music, in person you must see.

The thrumming and the strumming of his acoustic guitar

Transports you to places within nature, both near and far,

He changed his last name to make it easier to remember

A mile high city in Colorado that we now know as Denver.

He had innocence while playing that few ever truly exuded

He was a gentle genius with a six string one easily concluded,

He had a penchant for chasing after ladies, causing a storm

He was ever chasing heartache in his romances and the norm.

We can condemn this man and his band of one if we choose

Being shut out on an opportunity to transcend, we then lose,

His vocals were a match for his music making and was so pure

If you ever heard him sing Rocky Mountain High, you are sure.

He was a friend of many wild animals and the eagles most of all

He encouraged the leaders to take action and not into greed fall,

In various mechanical conveyances, this songwriter swiftly soared

Into compositions, his insightful intuitions were powerfully poured.

One man and his guitar is now lauded as a poet of poignant men

I would very much like to hear him sing a new song once again,

One man and his guitar are reminders of a gentler, loving time

John Denver, you are my favorite troubadour and a friend of mine.

Written by Gary Cox 04/08/ God be the glory

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