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Versatile Psalmist 98.0

The King Is Coming

The King is coming, let the music play, the King is coming

All around the world, the sounds of war are drumming,

They have gathered on a plateau and are thus arrayed

The soulless trans humans are doomed and displayed.

The hosts of Heaven follow Jesus wherever He may go

Playing their music and with excitement await the show,

The Lord will use His mighty will and the sound of Voice

He will be heard over the jeers of the enemy and noise.

In a twinkling of an eye, the Lord’s feet have touched down

On the Mount of Olives, which will forever be holy ground,

The forces of the enemy are crushed like grapes in the press

The blood flows like a river and the scene is quite the mess.

The vultures and prey birds come and enjoy their holy feast

To clean up carnage of the carcasses gathered from the East,

The holy ones, the saints and the angels let out a loud roar

It is to the King of Kings that they have come here to adore.

Let the harps and the guitars make the souls all come alive

Buzzing about like honeybees gathering nectar to the hive,

Let the archangels lead the choruses of hallelujah and amen

The Lord has come to be with His chosen children once again.

A new age has dawned and blessed are those gathered here

They will be in victory, obedience; without any lack or fear,

The storms will be subdued and no more will men wage war

Children will play on the sand and frolic along the seashore.

Praise to the King, praise to the King, let all the voices ring

Praise to the Lord, praise to the Lord, one will and accord!

Written by Gary Cox 11/11/ God be the glory

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