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A Prisoner Of The Big Tech War

I am stuck behind a mouse, alone in the house and in a jail

Three days trapped as a rat in a maze, never seems to fail,

I spoke of the taking of a life and this flies right in the face

Agenda 21 and the plan to enslave the entire human race.

I could now be silent and watch the advertisements fly on

Until executive order after executive order, all liberty gone,

Silencing the lambs may have made for a profitable horror

I don’t give a damns are what I am as a writer and performer.

Interestingly enough, a doctor whose name rhymes with mine

Has warned people to think twice before they get into the line,

She was ostracized from Fakebook and yet in other places still

She is shining beacon of light who speaks the truth and can until.

I wondered if anyone truly paid attention to my wit and writing

I must have hit a nerve for my sentence was as swift as lightning,

No matter, there are other media, not to mention my very own

Go to garythepoetspen.net if you are in need of reading a poem.

I must have landed on the bullseye if big brother has to censor

I hope the day of the Lord will bring vengeance to cleanse her,

Decide quickly what it means to be human and like never before

Choose a side while I enjoy my ride as a prisoner of big tech war.

Written by Gary Cox 03/30/2021...to God be the glory

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