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Versatile Psalmist 97.0

Holy, Holy, Holy

Holy, holy, holy has been written down so many times

Well contained within so many hymnbooks and rhymes,

There is a renewing of the Spirit that brings me health

Within His word an imbuing, a source of infinite wealth.

The Lord is both a God of infinite love and perfect justice

He loves us so much that he came to dwell here among us,

He will return and set things right, all evil shall be burned

Those who forsake His laws shall be cast aside and spurned.

We will praise Him for sparing us a fate worse than death

We will be called to His right side and the goats to the left,

We shall at last truly see what Adam forfeited so long ago

We shall behold the glory of the Lord and eternally know.

I would encourage all who are reading this to live life well

Not by the standards of the world which will be cast in hell,

But by the beatitudes that the Lord preached on the mount

Make each day an opportunity to serve and eternally count.

He will give you a new name and show you this is His book

Smiling, He shows you all of the sins you faithfully forsook,

Worthy, worthy, worthy is the Lord God to be now praised

He is the Alpha, Omega, Way, Life and from all death raised!

Written by Gary Cox 11/09/ God be the glory

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1 comentario

Jacqueline Libby Delasso
Jacqueline Libby Delasso
12 nov 2020

Love your writings! Very eloquent, would not expect any less from you my dear friend!

Me gusta
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