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Versatile Psalmist 148.0

Praise ye the Lord are perhaps the speech of the migrant birds

Sincere is their praise for their creator with many new adverbs,

Praise ye the Lord is perhaps the dawn with the morning dew

Giving precious life to this biosphere and making all things anew.

Praise ye the Lord is perhaps the gallop of wild stallions at play

Who roam the prairies in search of adventures all thru the day,

Praise ye the Lord say the snowflakes who have a unique shape

Falling all throughout New England from Boston and to the Cape.

Praise ye the Lord mew the baby kittens who play with the string

Curious as to what the day will reveal and shenanigans to bring,

Praise ye the Lord are all who humble themselves and seek peace

Careful to guard their tiny tongues while letting all bickering cease.

Praise ye the Lord are the maple trees who are running with sap

Awakening from their slumber in the time of a long winter’s nap,

Praise ye the Lord are the trees of the spring who paint a tapestry

Rejuvenating the palette of the painters and many a bumblebee.

Praise the Lord whisper the farmers who husband all of the Earth

Rarely seeking a moment of idleness to the grave since their birth,

Praise the Lord proclaim the mothers who are evermore blessed

Who in dealing with their children are at times manic and stressed.

Even in the midst of the hustle and the bustle of a business day

Will you take the time to reflect for a moment while you pray?

Like a circle that winds back unto itself and never seems to end

Will you join in the praise with your whole spirit and say, amen?

Written by Gary Cox 03/22/ God be the glory

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