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Versatile Psalmist 150.0

The chorus of the Bridegroom plays on in a melodic chorus

Praising the One who redeemed and was truly there for us,

All who have breathe now give Him their focus and attention

There are too many souls within these pages to thus mention.

Other bands of varying instruments will soon join in the mix

Some who play upon stringed instruments and aided by sticks,

Whatever your place in this reverie is, it has been a pleasure

Composing these simple psalms and blessed beyond measure.

O holy night was a powerful sight to behold; truly He taught

Those who would have destroyed Eden have come to naught,

Behold the King, whose great pleasure it will be to richly rule

Behold the Earth, which has become His domain and footstool.


Written by Gary Cox 03/26/ God be the glory

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