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Versatile Psalmist 94.0

Balancing The Scales

O Lord my God, my prayer today is for justice to rule

I cry out for the abused; those bullied while at school,

I cry out for the laborer who was driven to his knees

While CEO’s relocated their steel facilities overseas.

I cry out for the siblings who at times live in fear

Wondering what my daddy will do when he is near,

I cry out for the widow whose hubby never came

A policeman killed on duty and received the blame.

I cry out for the dog that is then chained to the tree

Only desiring to be petted and at last to thus be free,

I cry out for the tired worker making a brand of shoes

Getting paid a pittance by a mogul she did not choose.

I cry out for the nurse who is working a double shift

Putting on new bandages and ignoring all of the rift,

I cry out for the park ranger who arrives upon the scene

Finding a poacher killing wildlife in a manner so obscene.

In the kingdom to come, will there be a level of scales?

Will You then see to it that certain justice never fails?

As for my heart right now, give me the grace to go on

Waiting on the day when You have righted every wrong.

Written by Gary Cox 11/04/ God be the glory

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