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Versatile Psalmist 92.0

It is good to give thanks in all that we say and do

The Lord God is our creator, whose words are true,

Take a moment to reflect on His promises and keep

His commandments are a rod to protect His sheep.

There are many who go their way and as they will

They seek a good time, revelry and a new thrill,

They sow to the flesh, which reaps death at last

Never thinking of the day when life is in the past.

What will you say on a day when called to His throne?

Will He cast you away or call you one of His very own?

It is true that this life has many challenges and trials

Did you act on your faith or live a secret life of denials?

The beauty of the sun rising again to be high in the sky

Is that we get a fresh chance to compose a holy lullaby,

Do we know what His commands are to live in victory?

Do you make others around you smile or feel misery?

We can put on airs and a show if only to fool ourselves

Do we put on Sunday moods like photos from the shelves?

Was church a building to you that is closed and taken away?

Or is it a body of believers that shows Jesus to others today?

Let these words be a meditation and a reason to thus renew

Let the gospel of Jesus be a medication, both alive and true!

Written by Gary Cox 11/02/2020 to God be the glory

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