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Gently Rowing The Boat

I sing simple spiritual hymns to just a faithful few

Amazing Grace and of course, Jesus Loves You,

All fifty three candles were lighted on a cake

I am not a star or a maestro that will then make.

But taking just a few at a time to a place of joy

Was more than I could dream of as a young boy,

I am happy that my wife and daughter are a part

They occupy a special place here within my heart.

I have befriended sir Alex, to me he is a mate

He plays guitar well and his timing is never late,

I have not yet sung The Peace Of Christmas Day

But will do so very soon without pause or delay.

Right now the Garden Song plays over my Itunes

Composing these gems within my afternoons,

John Denver’s voice takes me away to be free

Soaring the Rocking Mountains set on an eerie.

I hope that as you read my words you then smile

Close your eyes and be mesmerized for just a while,

Rowing the boat, we gently float along the stream

Wide awake, we make our lives into a special dream.

Written by Gary Cox 10/27/ God be the glory

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