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My Favorite Sermon

This is a short list of what I desire most for each of you

To find peace of mind in all that you endeavor now to do,

I cannot give it to you, the best treasures must be found

I say this prayer for you, hoping that joy for you abounds.

I write these words not in a pie in the sky, ethereal manner

I invite you to seek the Creator of your soul and the planner,

Not for any credit or glory that will be added next to my name

You may find that your salvation was the reason that He came.

I hope that you realize your days are few, are able to redeem

If I were to catch a glimpse of your life, would I see a sunbeam?

Are we still getting to know each other, or are we close friends?

I hope to break bread with you before our time on Earth ends.

I could add to these stanzas, but would this list then be short?

As a list of beautiful bonanzas, I loved them truly is the report,

Be not a stranger, mon ami; I am not a difficult poet to reach

I tell you this in humility; you are my favorite sermon to preach.

Written by Gary Cox 06/18/ God be the glory

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