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In My Heart

This has been a year full of trials and tests

My wife and I have worn them like vests,

I examine my motives and they are pure

So as I write the following, please be sure.

That in my heart, there is still a happy song

In my heart, there are lyrics; so sing along,

In my heart, is hidden another Hershey bar

A third row of seats, so take a ride in the car.

In my heart, there is a season of great healing

Souls are saved; altruism is what we are feeling,

There is genuinely peace on Earth, no more war

Jesus with us and to the saints, He has restored.

In my heart, I visit you to see if you desire a verse

In my poetic compositions, there is ever a thirst,

In my heart, the children play safely with their toys

Smiles erupt among adults who hear their noise.

In my heart, there is a season of jubilant celebration

All are eager to share; there is a living participation,

There are Sherpa being shaved with sharpened shears

To make the kerchiefs that will wipe away the tears.

I meet Dr. King, who has revisited his speech, At last

We look to the future, no longer a slave of the past,

I hope to see you there as you play your unique part

Who wrote it, this poet and the beating of this heart.

In my heart…

Written by Gary Cox October God be the glory

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