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Versatile Psalmist 91.0

The Secret Place

Do you now dwell in the secret place of the most high?

Is it a geographical place that we can travel to nigh?

Does the world and all of its programming mesmerize?

Have you arrived at a point where you see the disguise?

There will come a point in life that you receive a reward

For some at it shall be eternal life and for others a sword,

When you view the destruction of Babylon, the whore

And the filth, perversion, and pedophilia are no more.

You guarded your eyes not to see the flesh in its carnality

You forgave others and are harboring no grudges or enmity,

You were slow to give a response and put on the full armor

Guarding against rage and of your wife, you did not harm her.

You tended to your own garden and were not a busybody

You work on your own calling, thus ensuring it is not shoddy,

After the workers of iniquity are vanquished and cast down

A smile, a song and an aura of peace shall follow you around.

You will assimilate into the kingdom of the Lord, Jesus Christ

Serving others with humility and joy, considering this so nice,

You have put the Lord first and were not seeking your own

He shall give you the desires of your heart by the seeds sown.

Seek and taste that the Lord is good and may everyone rejoice

Singing a hallelujah chorus with one accord and with one voice!

Written by Gary Cox 10/26/2020, to God be the glory

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