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Versatile Psalmist 9.0

I will give thanks to the Lord from the bottom of my heart

I will sing Your praises always and now let me make a start,

You are my mountain of faith and the very air that I breathe

You are the sovereign of all that is flying above and beneath.

The wicked and the evil ones deny your existence and grace

They strive and contrive to remove Your name from this place,

Theirs is an exercise in futility and without a funeral shall be

Destroyed in a fiery furnace and to be tormented in eternity.

You are a stronghold for the humble and those oppressed

You breathe new life into the broken and the depressed,

You do hear and respond to the cry of those now afflicted

You are strong to save and your omnipotence unrestricted.

Sing praises to the Lord of Hosts who sits upon Mount Zion

He was a baby and a lamb, but shall return as a mighty lion,

The nations will sink in a swamp of their own evil making

To whom will they turn when the Earth is violently shaking?

In Your kingdom, the needy and hungry shall then be fed

By a manna that satisfies much more than rice or bread,

I implore You to rise up and bring justice to the masses

Bring a peace that lasts and a love that greatly surpasses!

Author’s Notes: This poem was inspired by Psalm 9 and I give Jesus the credit and the glory. I hope that at least one of my poems motivates you to read the Word of God and to draw closer To Him. If you are someone who writes poetry, please feel free to post and tag me.

I am humbled at the opportunity to write and perhaps even ignite a poem or two within you….Shalom!

Written by Gary Cox 5/22/2019. To God be the glory!

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