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Versatile Psalmist 86.0

My Petition

I will not covet my neighbors’ possessions, items or things

I can work in my own garden to the glory of the King of Kings,

I have been blessed with a wife and a family of my very own

Carnal knowledge of another woman, I have not since known.

May my report be truthful and grounded in only the facts

May my words follow the Scriptures in the ways that I act,

May I discipline my children in the way that they should go

May my mercy be swift and my rise to anger be very slow.

May I daily pray for others and not give in to malice or hate

Giving the place of vengeance to the Lord while we await,

May I mind my own business, not be throwing fiery darts

May I not keep track of the world with an array of charts.

May my work and my hobbies not for me become an idol

Enslaving me like a pack mule with a sharp bit and a bridle,

May I take a rest on the Sabbath and be taking time to pray

Praising Lord Jesus of Nazareth; the Truth, Life and the Way.

May my yes be yes and my no be no, never speaking a curse

Lest my sinful deeds overtake me, and I in folly do even worse,

Let every day be one that I am found worthy to flee and escape

May my faith in the Lord be a banner, a shield and a flying cape.

Written by Gary Cox 09/29/2020, to God be the glory

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