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Versatile Psalmist 85.0

The Power Of Prayer

There is a mountain on the Himalayas named Everest

For many scholars, it is called the mightiest and best,

If all of the sin debt of mankind was piled up on high

It would extend past the many dark clouds in the sky.

We have been forgiven and at last the kingdom is here

A world filled with gardens and children, free from fear,

The former system made false promises of joy and peace

Adorned on the edges, but inwardly was a ravenous beast.

To all who were able to overcome by the blood of the Lamb

It shall more than enough to sing praises to The Great I AM,

It has become routine to lose track of the time and seasons

Much more time is now spent in fellowship and the reasons.

Written by Gary Cox 09/05/2020, to God be the glory

All of this exists because of the plan of Messiah, Lord Jesus

Who gave of Himself at Calvary to redeem and to free us,

Those who are wise visit His holy temple yearly in Jerusalem

To hear His words and be one of the blessed among all men.

Have you made your intention clear to be here and a part?

Have you allowed Messiah to make of flesh again your heart?

Is your love and faith now as simple and strong as a little child?

Humble yourself, be made whole in the Lord and be reconciled!

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