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The Minivan Man

As I drive down the road, I often take the time to reflect

If the story were told, our lives with meaning interconnect,

I tried to pour great value into your spirit, including my joy

With silly songs and stories as a strategy to skillfully employ.

You would not recognize my wheels as they are humble

It does not have flow masters, a lift kit or make a rumble,

My wife and my daughter know that they are safe within I am now grateful to have my progeny and my next of kin.

We visit the Dairy Queen and taste the monthly Blizzard

Of domestic tranquility, I am a bit of a savant and a wizard,

I love the life that Amy and I created, give the Lord the glory

I am so blessed that each of you has been part of this story.

Will the roads of my trek ever take me back to the Shenandoah?

I know not, but if we meet again, please know I am truly gonna,

Introduce you to Amy, Bella and fill in the details of His plan

Greetings from Missouri and this modern day minivan man!

written by Gary Cox 11/01/ God be the glory

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