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Versatile Psalmist 84.0

I Am Longing To Be

I am longing to be in the holy presence of my Lord

I am longing to be he, who is living in one accord,

I am longing to hear the voice of The Blessed hope

Who truly is the head of the church, not the pope.

I am longing to hear the angels sing a divine decree

I am longing to say of death, that I am at last free,

I am longing to waltz along the path to The River

I am longing to share my music and then give her.

I am waiting for the Day when the chosen are changed

When we are reunited in Heaven, no longer estranged,

I long to hear of the Lord’s grace and compassion on you

Not looking to find fault with the things that you now do.

We are looking for the day when the creation is redeemed

To know the whole Truth and that not all is as is seemed,

We are denying our carnal body the corruption it desires

Casting our former lives on the cross and the funeral pyres.

We long to hear the laughter of children, free from masks

We long to serve The Lord Jesus and doing all that he asks,

We long to know what it truly means to celebrate a jubilee

To assimilate into the kingdom of peace for all of eternity!

Written by Gary Cox 09/02/2020, to God be the glory

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