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Versatile Psalmist 79.0

My Humble Prayer

O Lord, my God, will You be angry with us forever?

Will it said of the heathen You have punished ever?

The seeds of murder, extortion, schemes and of rape

Are now planted, shall evildoers their harvest escape?

Will my eyes live to see justice served and salvation?

Will I be able to shout the words at last in celebration?

So many loud cries of suffering and of mercy are ignored

Will a place in the kingdom be ours, will we be restored?

Will the sound of dirges be the chorus that defines man?

Help me to understand the timing of Your redemption plan,

Will the media, who in your time were called the Scribes

Continue to spread great fear as adrenochrome is imbibed?

Help me to find the faith needed to not give up and faint

Let my words be found with Your praise without complaint,

As one who lives in a house of clay and is but a tiny vapor

I still beg for Your mercy, tender love, salvation and favor.

I ask You for dreams in the night that delight my curiosity

Answering these many questions I pose with their simplicity,

You have walked among us and know our human emotions

Help me to stay in the safe harbors of this world’s oceans.

Written by Gary Cox 08/22/2020, to God be the glory

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