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Versatile Psalmist 78.0

The Consuming Fire

There were a people who have seen and tasted His power

Whose enemies were destroyed by a sea within an hour,

They witnessed the sea part and then walked on the land

Yet they hardened their hearts and did not understand.

There are a people today who made a landing at Normandy

To destroy a despotic dictator and to set a continent free,

They returned to their homes and families, then celebrated

Their appetite for carnal pleasure seemed to be not sated.

Hemlines crept ever higher, the flesh a feast for the eyes

What was done in secret became an idol and a disguise,

There was music that caused young women to urinate

There were wild sexual parties that would not ever wait.

The depravity marches on and this people even deeper sink

If vanity is an elixir, then this people deeply and daily drink,

In times past, the Lord gave the others over to be destroyed

While the masses partied, an army of annihilation was deployed.

I tend to think that history will repeat itself, although I hope

This people will repent before burning the end of their rope,

Great are the blessings for a people who are holy and pure

Forever is great wrath of the Lord on the wicked to endure!

Written by Gary Cox 08/27/2020, to God be the glory

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