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Versatile Psalmist 72.0

His Kingdom Comes

Is there a ruler on Earth who exemplifies true righteousness?

The simple answer is not at all I would accurately thus profess,

Will we ever have a king who cares more for people than money?

Whose decrees and laws create a world full of life more abundantly?

In Revelation, this king is mentioned and will end the oppression

All knees will thus bow and with their tongues make a confession,

Gone will be the days when the worker’s bread is eaten by men

Who sit in halls of marble, figuring out ways to get reelected again.

The holding of hands and the sound of laughter will fill the world

His banner of salvation will fly in the wind and be regally unfurled,

Rain shall gently fall upon the meadows and the crops will all grow

The metals shall be used for many plows and help the seeds to sow.

Social distancing and fear mongering shall be relics of another age

There will be no great societies trapping the people in a gilded cage,

Gardening and caretaking shall be the primary task of all who dwell

Learning and living out the Word of the King shall serve us very well.

There will not be the pundits shouting vitriol from electronic boxes

People will no longer by harassed by drones or hunted like foxes,

Animal husbandry and seeing to the needs of elders and the youth

Will be a joy and a delight to partake in and a way to walk the truth.

The pollution of the world will be cleaned up and never to rise again

There will chants of holy, holy, holy followed by a chorus of amen,

His name shall be great and shall be an emblem on the hearts of all

When the Lord God blows the trumpet at His coming and at His call!


Written by Gary Cox April 2020, to God be the glory

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