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Versatile Psalmist 71.0

Perilous Times

To be an example of Your strength to this generation

I go to the garden of Your delight with holy veneration,

There are enemies now who desire a new world order

Who are encamped all around me and near the border.

When the time comes that I lay down my earthly cape

Help me to be with You and provide a way of escape,

To set up Your kingdom, You must destroy the enemy

So all may then understand and finally choose to see.

Restore the vigor that was mine in my faraway youth

Mix these perfectly with discernment and divine truth,

Remind of Scripture when I am pressed upon all sides

Prepare for me a place where Your glory now resides.

I shall sing Your praises and continue to be the Poets Pen

Where people are free to walk hand in hand once again,

I thank you for Your spirit, grace and that You desire us

Freeing us from death, sin, and the bonds of corona virus.

Written by Gary Cox 04/10/2020, to God be the glory

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