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Versatile Psalmist 66.0

A Fresh Start

Sing forth a new song and bring honor to His glorious name

The King has rejoined mankind and we are glad He came,

By the greatness of His power, His enemies are subdued

Their arrogance is no more and there is a new attitude.

The Lord turned the sea into dry land and men did walk

Into a land of promise with ripe fruit, heavy on the stalk,

His kingdom has come and there is rejoicing in the land

Thus begins the age of Messiah to rule and to understand.

We were refined in the fires of tribulation and the trials

The truth of who is truly God is revealed with no denials,

Lawlessness has been put under ground into a fiery pit

Into a state of torment are those who practiced after it.

Great wealth has been restored and the creation is pristine

The forests are blooming with flowers; the oceans are clean,

No more are there great schemes for satraps to become rich

The poets can write while every artist creates in their niche.

We are all of us gardeners and caretakers in the morning

We smile as the flowers again sing of the day a borning,

Lack, scarcity, hoarding and accumulation are no more

Abundance and laughter of children abound as before.

Every once in a jubilee cycle, a new pilgrimage is then made

To meet with Him in New Jerusalem in the Verdant glade,

He receives our offerings and shares with us a holy measure

Of His eternal wisdom for His glory and our great pleasure.

Will you be there and will you humble yourself in contrition?

Or will a lifetime of haughtiness be your refusal for submission?

You will be sifted and sorted and are not the lord of that day

Open the Scriptures and make your decision, come what may.

Written by Gary Cox 09/15/2020, to God be the glory

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