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Ever More Fields Of Gold

I write now to discover stories that have not been thus told

In the hope that just one verse will flow as the fields of gold,

I sometimes wonder about those who have gone on before

Do they listen to my music; sing with a microphone anymore?

Has anyone here built an abode with their own two hands?

Via our lake lot, I am one who empathizes and understands,

Some of you passed the days of parenting a long, time ago

If we ever broke bread and prayed an amen, I want you to know.

Even though the paths of our lives are diverse and diverged

The memory of the beauty of your soul has not been purged,

The love of my life in human form is my wife and confidant

Her name is Amy and as a foundation, she is a joy constant.

I am getting the privilege of helping to raise our own Isabella

I will someday regale you with tales of her mirth, let me tell ya,

My great passion for the second amendment is a new pleasure

I empathize with Jerry Miculek, whose skill is beyond measure.

Have you found true love at long last and perhaps got married?

Being thankful for your patience and to the one who has tarried,

Have you flown a plane and obtained a license of your very own

Have started a new career now that the children at last are grown?

As my time and appetite for such things allow, I cheer you today

I hope that you know the best of me walks with you all the way,

A few of you request anonymity and thus I give you the space

If we ever shared a smile and memories that time cannot replace.

As the song nears its completion in a moment of joy transcending

I am both sad and happy that my soliloquy of sound is now ending,

I hope you are young at heart and even when this body grows old

I see you all dancing in the ripened barley among the fields of gold.

Written by Gary Cox 05/11/ God be the glory

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