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My Apology

You have been a widow and known many the pain

I’m sorry for the times your eyes knew tears again,

I wish it were not so, but I am just a composing man

One who wants to know you and to truly understand.

At the very least I am earnest and am genuinely real

I am far from perfect; I will always tell you how I feel,

I love you; I desire to be the one who makes you smile

A diplomat I am not and at times so prickly is my style.

Amy Elizabeth, when I said I do, I also meant that I will

Be true to you, while protecting you and Isabella still,

Whitetail will not fail and I will see it come to fruition

I am a human male and at times flawed in composition.

As year number fifty three is now galloping into our town

I am sorry if the shadows from my past are still around,

I have been a position to give my life for what I believed

I give the Lord the glory for the garden of poetry achieved.

This is my apology and as sincerely as I know how to be

Forgive me, thanks in advance for being my wife, Amy!

Written by Gary Cox 06/17/ God be the glory

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