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Versatile Psalmist 65.0

We Bow Down

There is a king in Zion, One who reigns in victory

All will bow before Him and listen to His decree,

The men of all nations and tongues will thus come

Of sins and transgressions, He is aware of the sum.

Blessed are thou, if the King pardons and chooses

Forever damned are the prideful, when He refuses,

So the sheep and the goats shall be sifted in His court

Faithful and true will be the verdict and the report.

The King makes even the storms to obey His voice

While wearing flesh, the race of Adam had a choice,

To follow His commandments and to live in humility

Or to feast on the flesh in an exercise of great futility.

The King will give farms and hamlets to His children

Who will sing loud praises to the King while building,

A soft rain will fall and allow the land to give a bounty

That will feed the small children out there in the county.

No more shall lack, hunger, or gluttony rule the day

The King will reign supreme and have His own way,

The flocks shall be abundant and filled to the measure

The Earth shall be renewed to the King’s great pleasure.

Blessed are thou, who live to see the days of the King

Of goodness and godliness, He shall restore everything,

Are you living your life now in submission to His will?

Will you be chosen by the King when you grind at the mill?


Written by Gary Cox 03/13/2020, to God be the glory

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