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Versatile Psalmist 63.0

My Words Of Worship

I will seek Thee in the morning when the sun is rising high

I will leave my body to be with Thee in the sweet by and by,

I will let Your words be my daily bread and I shall be sated

My praise for You shall be overflowing and my joy unabated.

I shall follow Your ways and shall make You my capitaine

I shall humble myself and follow Your consecrated plan,

Your music shall be my soulful concert and I shall sing anew

I shall ascend over the rainbow and be right there with You.

I shall tell my children of the Lord who came to save me

Who bore the shame of my sins on the cross at Calvary,

I shall teach them Your laws and be an example to guide

Under the wings of Your strength, I shall safely thus abide.

If I take a rest from my work, let it be a glory to honor You

When I reap the harvest, may it be with joy in all that I do,

Hosanna, Hosanna; may glory and honor be for You, my King

Phileos is my bandana, and my vocal cords shall always ring!

Written by Gary Cox 02/27/2020, to God be the glory

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