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Versatile Psalmist 62.0

My Proclamation

I shall not be moved by the whims of the modern culture

I may be removed by He who will send the carrion vulture,

I shall stand upon the Rock who shall crush modern Babylon

He shall establish His kingdom and it ever shall live on and on.

I worship The Creator with all of my might in spirit and truth

My obedience to His laws with diligence is the greatest proof,

I dutifully deny myself carnal pleasures that are everywhere

I share from barns of bounty to show others that I truly care.

There are many other paths that are being lauded as so true

Whereas my Bible says to walk the narrow path in all we do,

When my body has walked its last mile and I am laid to rest

I believe by faith I shall be resurrected and eternally blessed.

Written by Gary Cox 02/15/2020, to God be the glory

My words are vain foolishness to those who are now perishing

Those who worship the image in the mirror and are uncaring,

I am not a broadcaster and I do not share this to gain wealth

I hope they point to THE WAY and to bring us spiritual health.

This is a hymn of faith that will bloom during a future season

Death is the end game of carnality and our sin is the reason,

Salvation can only be found by One Name given to mortal man

Jesus Christ is He of whom I write, do you finally understand?

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