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Versatile Psalmist 61.0

A Petition Of Prayer

Hear my cry, o Lord, for what am I now, but a man?

Catch me whenever I fall and help me again to stand,

Even when I do not know what to ask, be my portion

Help me see Your kingdom that is free from abortion.

Help my children to obey and to be within Your will

In the gardens they plant, blooming as in Eden still,

Help them to remember me as my body grows older

Help them to be Your disciples with zeal much bolder.

See my smile, Lord, for it shines the brightest for You

Help me stay on the narrow path in all that I ever do,

Send messengers and dreams that I may truly know

That You reign in love above while we are here below.

Be quick to forgive me, Lord, as I have forgiven others

Keep my path free from wrath as I live among brothers,

Be the navigator and my beacon whenever I take flight

May my songs of purest praise sound like O Holy Night.

Let me lift up Your holy name now with true veneration

Let You always be the same for us and every generation,

For what is a man, but a vapor that the wind blows away

In the time that is allotted, help me to honor You today.


Written by Gary Cox 02/13/2020 to God be the glory

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