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Versatile Psalmist 6.0

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

O Lord in Your anger, please do not rebuke me

Hiding me from Your wrath is my humble plea,

Be gracious to me because my body is in error

I am mortally afraid and I now shake in terror.

Return, Lord; deliver me for the sake of Your love

Gather me to be with You in the heavens above,

If I rot away in a crypt at the end of my Earthly days

How will I worship You and then give You my praise?

I am weary from my moaning and my many tears

My body trembles as I give into my foes and fears,

Lord, strengthen me so that once again I can stand

You once put on this weak flesh and lived as a man.

Depart from me, those who cause pain and weeping

The Lord has heard me; His promise shall be keeping,

The unrighteous shall perish with their sins and shame

While I shall be singing His praises and His holy name!

Author’s notes: I am uncertain whether this is King David crying out to be delivered from a physical malady or not. It is possible that this was written after Absalom had seized the throne and David was hiding. This can show us that David, who as a younger man had wrestled lions and killed Goliath with a sling, was not self-reliant or indestructible. Either way, all of us will reach a point in our lives where only the supernatural strength of Jesus Christ can deliver us.

As someone at age 50 who is about to undergo a knee replacement surgery; I can greatly empathize with this Psalm…This was inspired by Psalm 6 and I hope that the Lord blesses you today.

Written by Gary Cox 5/13/2019. To God be the glory!

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