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Versatile Psalmist 57.0

The Air That I Breathe

Great is thy mercy and I shall continually praise Thee

I lift up my voice to the God who has saved even me,

Though this world may be doomed for its destruction

I will magnify Your name whenever I am given unction.

Even when the fire reigns down like dew from the skies

To punish the habitual transgressors and seal their demise,

I will reside in Your mighty wings and find a solid shelter

Only to reemerge after the mightiest of all the smelters.

Your mercy and grace will be to me a gift I can never repay

I will seek Your face to light my path and show me the way,

Let the angels who transcribe my life write down my will

I will chase after Your goodness with all diligence and skill.

My heart will not be troubled for it beats to glorify You

In all that I aspire to be and all that I ever hope to do,

Let my harp be lifted in a melody that stirs when it sings

Be the air in my lungs and the wind beneath my wings!

Written by Gary Cox 02/04/2020, to God be the glory

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