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Versatile Psalmist 55.0

More Of My Daily Bread

I am sending forth a petition of supplication with sweet sincerity

Knowing that it will soon reach the ears of the Lord of all eternity,

I am on my knees in prayer and have fasted for Thy will to be done

I stand on the Word of Life, for the Lord and His Holy Word are One.

Though there are enemies all about me, He is mightier than they

He will do my battles and the victory is His, at the end of the day,

Because I keep my hands free from bloodshed, You now hear me

The only blood that needed to be shed was Yours on Mt. Calvary.

I keep my eyes upon the prize and meditate upon Your Holy Word

Put into my daily practice and telling others of what I have heard,

I earn a living with my hands; I am careful to tithe and to forgive

You will judge the intention of my soul as well as how I daily live.

If I boast of anything, let it be about the grace You have given me

If I toast to anything, let it be about a life eternal, so real and holy,

I will not faint in the daily waiting of my prayers to come to fruition

I will man the decks and stay the course of my own USS Constitution.

When others see my life, I hope it is a reflection of You that they see

I hope they sing with me a hymn, “Oh, The Truth Shall Set You Free”,

At the end of the day before I lay down my head, let it be truly said

That I gave my thanks to You for being my Savior and my daily bread!

Written by Gary Cox 02/01/2020, to God be the glory

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