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Versatile Psalmist 53.0

Big Brother

Alas, for the secularists who gaze into their own mirror

Imagining themselves as deities sitting on their posterior,

Their gadgets, their gizmos within their homes do increase

They seek a vanity of hybrids, and they will have the lease.

Fools and guides without vision are these who proclaim

That there is no god and I do not need to seek his name,

I am the master of my universe now and shall always be

You others who lack vision will bow down to me eternally.

My brave new world will be a wonderland and all will serve

You would do well to be subservient and not strike a nerve,

We will have the technology to ensure free will is dismissed

Lift up the high and mighty, casting the chattel into an abyss.

Such bravado will be short lived, for their end is proclaimed

There will be no appeals and their own pride is to be blamed,

The King of Kings returns and the foolish shall be stuck in mire

Gathered up by the holy angels; thrown into the lake of fire!

Written by Gary Cox 01/27/2020, to God be the glory

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