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Versatile Psalmist 48.0

New Jerusalem

In New Jerusalem, there is a temple not made with human hands

That stands tall upon THE Rock and not upon the shifting sands,

There will be kings of the heathen that come near and marvel

In awe of the banners of gold and the columns made of marble.

They do not follow the Lamb and they will turn away in fear

Because the King of Kings and Lord of Lords is reigning here,

He will cause a wind of destruction that flows from the East

Ending all the men of Tarshish and the rule of the final beast.

Zion shall be a place where the humble come to then pray

To learn of the Lion of Judah and diligently discover His way,

Let the shepherds and the farmers of the world now rejoice

Warmongering and suffering have ended, we say with a voice!

Have you met Messiah face to face and do you plant His word?

Will you count more precious than gold the words you heard?

Have you seen that there are many mansions while you walk?

Remember these words for all generations whenever you talk.

Free at last, were once the words of a decorated preacher man

Free at last to worship the true King and to be part of His plan!

Written by Gary Cox 01/23/2020, to God be the glory

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