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Versatile Psalmist 46.0

The Day Of The Lord

There will come a fateful day which will usher in the end of the age

The beast system of men will plot and plan while heathen do rage,

With their toys and fallen technologies, they lift up their swords

To destroy Jesus Christ once, for all and to redeem their rewards.

The Lord shall speak words of destruction and end the battle The heathen’s words of pride shall be no more than prattle,

The sealed ones and the overcomers will behold His power

The age of men will be put far away and ended in that hour.

The islands will sink and the tall mountains will be laid low

When the Lord descends to bring justice to the ones below,

He is exalted and then, the question of the garden answered

Was it the will of God or the will of the serpent that mattered?

Be still and know that the Lord, our God, is a shield and refuge

The evil ones will be burned in a fire like water in the deluge,

The kingdom will be ushered in and warmongering will cease

Make a joyful noise to bring praise to the only Prince of Peace!

Written by Gary Cox 01/22/2020 , to God be the glory

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