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Versatile Psalmist 45.0

The Stride Of The Bride

The lips can be a ready writer flowing with the ink of a pen

I consider myself blessed to write the story of a bride, amen,

She has been adorned with righteousness and is pure white

She is adorned throughout the day and shines in the night.

Her Lord has helped her to be ready in the furnace of a fire

Burns up the stubble, her beauty shines higher and higher,

All will come from the four corners to see this pretty sight

In her flowing gowns of truth and joy, she is a sheer delight.

Her children shall be as to the Lord, children of His very own

Not by carnal means will this happen or seeds He has sown,

He shall transform and make them princes in the new Earth

Not stained by sin that once plagued them from their Birth.

It shall be a season of prosperity, joy and complete adulation

When humanity shall worship the King with holy veneration,

No more will warfare reign and the endless factions of greed

Of swords and armaments, there will never again be a need.

Let us now consider the bride while she waits for the Groom

She knows not when He will return, but hopes that it is soon,

Is there oil in lamps, will they still slumber when He returns?

What will be the reaction when the heathen of men learns?

Will the Lord find faith when He returns to gather His own?

Where will you be in harvest from the seeds that are sown?

I would enter in the narrow way and to be among the wheat

To see the bride, be at her side; where her joy is now complete!

Written by Gary Cox 01/20/20, to God be the glory

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