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The Rabbit Hutch

Here is a tale about constructing a rabbit hutch

Here I am saying to Amy, thank you very much,

In terms of building a new gadget or a new thing

I find the glitches and stitches in most everything.

I have my talents, am a member of the human race

With power tools, I am more akin to a Chevy Chase,

So it was with fear and a whole lot of trepidation

Internally, I was dreading this husbandry situation.

To my pleasant surprise, Amy hired a mate named Ray

Who was able to build one with ease, saving the day,

I cooked up some tasty bratwurst and bacon for BLT’s

While sir Ray made the rabbit hutch arise with such ease.

I had helped gather the materials and organize the tools

Having to not fumble with this was akin to finding jewels,

The project is mostly done with a few more steps to go

Ray will come back to finish this; I am so glad this is so.

I get my hands dirty in any number of methods and ways

But constructing hutches from scratch belong to the Rays,

Left to my own devices, the world would lack this hutch

Amy, I appreciate your loving me, thank you very much!

Written by Gary Cox 10/27/ God be the glory

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