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Versatile Psalmist 41.0

The Law Of Reaping

O ye of little faith, do you not know the law of My reaping?

Of never giving to the least of these and thus are keeping,

I continually observe the seeds that are planted and sown

Do you then only consider yourself and look to your own?

Do not marvel that if you are truly sparse in your charity

That I consider you an enemy whose heart is far from Me,

If you do have a cloak or two that takes care and covers

Can you not spare the third one to give to your brothers?

It may be that in your lifetime you are called to save one

He is a witness to your credit when I judge you, my son,

I do not ask you to be a deity or to take care of them all

But do you remove from the ditch a child that may fall?

Within My kingdom are many blessings and many rewards

These are bound together by invisible bindings and cords,

Loose them by the alms you give to the poor here on Earth

Be a cheerful giver and show others your spiritual rebirth!

Written by Gary Cox 01/16/2020, to God be the glory

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