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Number Fifty Three

Let me take a moment to reflect on number fifty three

It is a blank page to be filled out and pondered by me,

Fifty two of these are now complete and in the books

I have grown in many ways, retaining my youthful looks.

A new summer is arriving here in the state of Missouri

Oh bummer is an expression Bella uses in her soliloquy,

We have bountiful, bouncing experiences to now enjoy

Sunscreen and a bottle of cold water are tools to employ.

There is ever a battle with a lawn to keep neat and tame

I am pleased that cooler temperatures and water came,

Growing are the fauna, the ripening fruit is to be tasted

Flowing are the rivers and the lakes, aquatics not wasted.

The anchor and navigator of this sweltering scene is Amy

Who is the best and purist soul for which there is to see,

I hope that we are able to sing songs at the lake at night

Knowing that the labor we have expended makes it right.

I see an ATV and a trailer for us that we shall take enroute

Selling some goods at Jacob’s Cave for a bit of our own loot,

Oh, there is a food court there and many new treats to try

I am certain we shall make a feast before we say a goodbye.

The water level at the lake recedes and a beach is revealed

I swim there frequently as my lethargy is dutifully repealed,

I claim Psalm 91 and the blood of Jesus to rebuke any snakes

I also carry a gardening tool as a precaution, whatever it takes.

I could continue to bend your ear in a rhyming, rhythmic way

But will conclude with this poetic and energetic word to say,

Summer has arrived here in Missouri and to God be the glory

I look forward to the next year and a chapter within my story!

Written by Gary Cox 06/17/ God be the glory

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