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Always In A Hurry

A life was cut short today and what is my report, you say?

Someone was in a hurry to cause a tragedy,

To further compound and confound justice, there is delay

There was a hit and run, from the scene flee.

As I look into the eyes of this maiden, who met her demise

I am reminded that this life is fleeting,

I hope she is in the bosom of the Lord and is in one accord

All memories of life that are retreating.

I cry out for her family and inside of me there is an agony

Why do we not value life as a rare gift?

Will there ever be an absolution or a moment of restitution?

It will be for Jesus to judge and to sift.

My friends, slow down, it is well; there will be a time to tell

Five minutes late is a sin to forgive,

Driving recklessly to pass a lane is poor judgment and insane

Find the will to wait and let her live.

Written by Gary Cox 05/07/2021, based on a true story, to God be the glory

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