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Versatile Psalmist 30.0

The Slippery Slope

I was once descending down a slippery and a sickly slope

I had run out of resources and was utterly devoid of hope,

I was heading to a destination without a vacation to remit

It has many names including Sheol, The Hellfire and the Pit.

You did not let my enemies rejoice with a complete jubilation

By redeeming me at Calvary, you have caused their frustration,

Your anger at my sinful ways was in a moment, but I repented

You restored my soul and now I am whole, no longer lamented.

I am careful to stay on the narrow road that will lead me to You

Following Your example of holiness in all that I see and I ever do,

It is by Your favor and by Your stripes that I am eternally healed

According to Revelation, those who trust in You are ever sealed.

I will sing Your praises because You are the only One worthy to be

You are my kinsman Redeemer, The focus of believers and eternity,

The Psalm will continue on and may the chorus never reach the end

You are the Alpha and the Omega, hallelujah now and ever, amen!

Written by Gary Cox 08/14/2019.

God be the glory, inspired by Psalm 30.

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