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Versatile Psalmist 3.0

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

O Lord, I am surrounded by foes; how many, it is You that knows

They cry out in a mocking tone, you have no help and are alone,

Only You, O Lord, are my shield; a two edged sword which I wield

I cry to the Lord, He hears me still; from His throne upon the hill.

I lie me down and now I sleep, into His loving care, I humbly keep

I am not afraid of the thugs; squash them, Lord, like the natty bugs,

My Lord rises up in a display of power and is near to me every hour

Deliverance is now and powerful is He; my Lord has set people free!

Author’s notes: This is my attempt to put Psalm 3 into rhyming verse. It is not intended to supplant or replace Scripture. During Operation Desert Storm as we were at general quarters in the Red Sea, this Psalm came true for us. There were missiles that had been launched to destroy us. I stood watched on the aft fantail and would have been vaporized had the missiles reached their target.

At the very last moment, the missiles were shot down and we lived to tell the tale. There have been countless other miracles I have witnessed in my lifetime and I know that The Lord delivers. Some of my friends with whom I served can vouch for the veracity of these words. To God be the glory and His name I shall praise forever! Amen.

Written by Gary Cox on 5/9/2019. Inspired by Psalm 3. To God be the glory!

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