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Versatile Psalmist 29.0

The Storms of This Life

Have you heard the sounds of a raging storm and ever wandered?

Why it is that the skies light up and then with a boom thundered?

Why it is that during a fierce wind storm even the mighty oaks bend?

The last to bow will be the most hard hearted and cruelest of men.

We raise our firsts in victory, but then get caught up by a Katrina

Who flooded New Orleans like a whirling and twirling ballerina,

In recorded history, there was only one Man who calmed the storm

With but the words from His voice, which are powerful and warm.

He is now seated at the right hand of the Father who sits on high

Observing the many man-made contrivances that stir the night sky,

He will return someday in power and great glory to reign and rule

Those who wage warfare against Him will find themselves the fool.

Let us seek His shelter and His umbrella of grace while it may be found

Someday He will return to the Earth with His army and a mighty sound,

Will you be part of His Kingdom and be forever blessed, come what may?

Or will the violent storms of your life spent in sin here carry you away?

Written by Gary Cox 8/12/2019

Inspired by Psalm 29

To God be the Glory

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