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Versatile Psalmist 28.0

The Deliverance

In the darkest of my days and most dreary of my nights

In the middle of the battle and the bloodiest of my fights,

Whenever hope and hospitality seemed to abandon me

You are the God who lights the pathway to my destiny.

When the tempest is raging and the waves try to devour

I call on Your name and remind the storm of Your power,

I am then renewed and am indeed imbued with such force

To complete the spiritual race and to stay right on course.

I will live in Your house and be careful to obey Your laws

Never harming my many neighbors or to give them cause,

Doing good unto the least of these when the situation arises

Giving unto them as I can and not being the one who despises.

So that when Your angels in heaven are recording my deeds

I gave of the harvest You granted after first planting the seeds,

You were with me through the valley of the shadow of death

I will praise You in the life that I live and the time I have left.

Hallelujah, sing praises to my just Lord and to my only King

Hallelujah, you are my lighthouse and are my everything!

Author’s notes: This poem was inspired by Psalm 28, to God be the glory. I hope that each of us has a crucible and a moment of Divine deliverance!

Written by Gary Cox on 8/2/2018

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