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Versatile Psalmist 27.0

If the Lord is my light, then whom shall I fear?

In incredible, invisible ways; He is always near,

His words reside in my heart and light the way

When then shall I do and what then shall I say?

When trouble entreats upon my solace and bliss

I will trust in the Lord and then faithfully dismiss,

My head will be lifted even with enemies around

They will hear my prayers and my fervent psalms.

Then all will see the hand of the Lord and His power

The wicked and evildoers the Lord shall soon devour,

The Earth will be reborn and become a paradise again

May the faithful be forever with the Lord of hosts, amen.

May I remember when I am transformed to then obey

Keeping the Lord’s laws in my heart when I am away,

A season of rebellion can seem innocent for a while

But will devour you just the crocodiles living in the Nile.

So let me firmly keep my eyes fixed on His Holy spirit

May my life be filled with His joy and without any limit,

When we meet again to fellowship and to break bread

I will treasure your stories and the words you have said.

Selah, selah; let us worship now in spirit the Lord

Selah, selah, let us live in unity and in one accord!

Written by Gary Cox on 7/25/2019


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