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Versatile Psalmist 25.0

My guilt is great, O Lord, what then shall become of me?

Will my enemies then overtake and will I ever be set free?

In my pride, I practiced all iniquity and disregarded truth

I walked in my own vanity, partying throughout my youth.

How could I ever listen when I worshiped my own voice?

Not until I had been broken by my folly did I see the choice,

Now the murmurs of murderers and thieves laugh at me

Mocking my middle aged self and cajoling me mercilessly.

I humbly ask for Your deliverance from this world, O Lord

The hearts of the people have grown embittered and cold,

I do not deserve Your grace, yet still I now ask for mercy.

The Bible proclaims that you came to set the captives free.

I will now put my trust in You and honor Your holy name

Denying my own fleshly desires, giving to You the fame,

As I study now Your scriptures, teach me wrong from right

Wash away my sins and let me humbly bow in Your sight.

Hallelujah and hosanna to the King who is sitting on high

Give me courageous wings and into Your home I will fly,

My battles on the Earth are over and the war is now won

May Your goodness be my decree and a psalm to be sung!

Inspired by Psalm 25…Shalom!

Written by Gary Cox on 7/8/2019

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