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Versatile Psalmist 24.0

O Lord, help me to know who You are and then

Allow me to enter into Your heart from within,

Teach me Your ways so that I may eternally live

Show me the truth of the sower so I that may give.

Purify me and create in me an aroma most fresh

Crucify my carnal nature and transform my flesh,

Help me to glorify you as did David with a dance

Teach me to work as diligently as the tiny ants.

Help me to seek after You with hands that are clean

Guide me to still pools of water and pastures so green,

Remind me that the days are flying by at a quick pace

Open my spiritual eyes so we may meet face to face.

Help me be an example of Your love that others see

Help me to do Your good will and lovingly just be,

Remind me that once I was as long as a ship at sea

That had lost its rudder and was wandering aimlessly.

I lift up my hands and acknowledge that You are the One

The Father, the Holy Spirit and the only begotten Son,

I lift up my voice with a sonata, a psalm and this song

May our meeting be soon and the celebration last long!

Written by Gary Cox on 7/1/2019

To God be the glory!

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