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Versatile Psalmist 22.0

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

In my younger days, I thought that I was impervious to all pain

I was king of my life and in my manhood, I did absolutely reign,

I gave an order to my muscular members and I highly jumped

Pressing an absurd amount of weight, my biceps were pumped.

But I grew a bit older and before I knew it, a malady had set in

It grew from a place of pride, slowly destroying me from within,

It culminated on a hot summer day and my heart was attacked

The widow maker and coma was introduced, the deck stacked.

For all intents and purposes on that I day, I should have died

Would I die in my sins or would I been counted among the Bride?

Three days later, I awoke and remembered the events of my life

There were days of peace and joy, but there was also much strife.

Without my savings and my Adonis physique, I wondered when

A few that loved me tried to help out, but I was adrift until then,

A widow who herself had been so very hurt called out to me

In a diving dream of healing and hope, she became my destiny.

The Lord has a unique way to bring Earthly events for His glory

Each of us has a tiny part to play in the grand stage of His story,

Wherever you are and in whatever condition, there is healing

Have great faith and don’t give in to despair, despite the feeling.

Even though we cannot see the other dimensions while we live

The Lord has empowered to be the miracles and to others give,

I praise Him for my family life and another chance to sow seed

I give Him the glory for my story and am a blessed man, indeed!

Inspired from Psalm 22, a story for me that is true!

Written by Gary Cox 6/27/2019. To God be the glory!

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